Every time Chesty goes out with her new boyfriend, she ends up in bondage!  Why do you suppose that is?

4 Bondage Dates with Chesty - Lovely young lady relates her bondage encounters

With Chesty's boyfriend, it was one thing or another, usually one bondage thing or another! This fast-paced program gives a pretty good idea of what Chesty has had to put up with. Constantly bound and gagged, Chesty still has time to narrate just how she feels about having her hands tied behind her back, constantly being asked to change outfits, and spending most of her time in handcuffs and leg-irons -oh, I forgot to mention - she's usually very tightly ball-gagged!

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This program was shot over 4 separate days of shooting and has over 12 outfits, and many more bondage positions. The bondage is always tight and includes bondage in dresses, topless, bridal bondage, plastic bondage, leather harness gags, ball-gags galore!

Chesty narrates the video in her chipper, enthusiastic style, giving the viewer some insight into her feelings as she is kept in tight bondage and sexy outfits by her new boyfriend.

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Chesty was helpful enough to leave a detailed recording of her bondage dates.

Dinner Date

As soon as my boyfriend walked in the door, he locked me in handcuffs! But, they weren't the kind I'm used to. They held my wrists in a really awkward position – I couldn't get them straightened out. He said that they were "maximum security" - They sure were!

My wrists were twisted behind me. And the handcuffs wouldn't swivel around.

We were supposed to be going to dinner, but he said that there were a few minutes before we had to go. Then, he tied my elbows behind my back with rope! He pulled another rope around my chest, above and below my breasts. It was crushingly tight!

He roped me up very tightly around the elbows and above and below my breasts. It was so tight around my chest that I could hardly breathe

He was teasing me! He strapped in my ball-gag, but he didn't strap it up very tightly. It wasn't long before I was able to push it out of my mouth.

Silly me! – He just came up and strapped it in much more tightly! – Too tightly! Fantastic!

The gag couldn't have been any tighter! It pulled my cheeks way back, and the ball was way back on my tongue!

I couldn't help but try to pull my wrists free of the handcuffs, but it was impossible, and it only made my chains rattle.

It wasn't enough to have my wrists handcuffed and ankles shackled - he also had the damn chain between them. He called it a "transport connector". It pulls at your hands and legs whenever you move, and causes you to stumble if you try to walk too fast.

He said, out of the blue - "Let's see how you do in some tight ropes!" I mean, how can a girl refuse an offer like that? My wrists were crossed and tied, and then they were tied around my waist. It was tight and uncomfortable, but I kept my mouth shut, because there was a big red ball-gag on the table.

I couldn't believe the next outfit. It was kind of a baby-doll, but it was made of plastic! I started sweating as soon as I zipped it up. My hands were locked up behind my back in these ancient manacles, and then he tied them around my throat in front. If I relaxed my hands for even a second, it started to choke me. All the exertion just made me sweat even more!

It was a really hot August day, and he led me outside. I was worried at first, but no one was around. I wasn't even handcuffed or gagged!

Well, that didn't last long!

He locked these ancient handcuffs on my wrists - they were rough and not shaped right and they hurt! Then, he pulled a rope from them up to my throat - If I relaxed my shoulders, the rope would pull against my neck and choke me!

I had worked up quite a sweat. I was glad that he didn't zip my dress all the way up my chest.

Big surprise - ball-gagged again. I lay down, but it was impossible to relax with my wrists in this position.

But get this. He made a mistake! - My fingers found some of the knots, and I was able to work on the ropes that tied to the chain between my manacles.

I had done it! I was a good as free! Except for these antique handcuffs locked behind my back, my ball-gag and my irons.

At least I would get this pressure off my throat.

That was easy -

Now how do I get these off?

What, you put the key IN to unlock them? Who thought of that?

Down here in Texas, a lot of girls wear boots. I was kind of surprised that if your ankles are ironed, having the shackle around a thick pair of boots is a lot more comfortable than being locked up wearing high heels.

There wasn't much to say about this metal thing. Machined aluminum - fitted together and locked with a padlock, humiliating arm position - something out of the middle ages, but with modern technology. Just my luck!

Convict Bride

Our strangest date was when he wanted me to wear this bridal gown that he bought. It was really pretty, with Victorian Lace - but way out of style – so 80s!

He said that he wanted to see what I look like as a "Convict Bride". I told him that being held a prisoner was not my idea of a dream wedding, but he wasn't really listening - because he was locking me up in handcuffs and leg irons.

He went ahead of me, leaving me to walk the whole way up to the gazebo by myself, locked up in a bridal gown!

He usually holds me by the arm, just above the elbow, when I'm handcuffed or ironed. That's reassuring, because I could trip trying to keep up, chained up the way I usually am.

Walking in heels and irons is hard enough, even though I was doing a lot of that recently, but doing it wearing all this tight fabric made it even more challenging!

I held up my dress to make sure that I didn't stumble.

Pretty soon, the handcuffs were locked behind my back. It was bright and sunny, but there was a cool spring breeze.

It was such a pretty day, I wanted to run around in the park, but here I was, locked up in chains and wearing a bridal gown!

I'm pretty flexible, and I can easily pull my wrists down around my butt. He knows I can do this, and usually locks my wrists to my waist, especially if we are inside.

I've noticed that wherever he locked my hands behind my back, it won't be long before I'm ball-gagged.

He strapped this heavy cowhide prison restraint on me - as tight as he could around my waist. When my hands are free and I'm ball-gagged, it's tempting to try and take out my gag. I guess that's why, when I'm gagged, my wrists are usually locked or tied up behind me.

Right before the scene of her wrists locked in the belt.

Here, it was pretty obvious what would happen next.

Now I really felt like a convict bride, heavily restrained, unable to talk, in this virgin white gown. I sure am glad this is only make-believe!

Out came the ropes when we got inside. I was very tightly and painfully tied.

After I took off the gown, and before I had a chance to get dressed, I was locked up in cuffs and irons with a connector, ball-gagged, and just left in the bedroom. He was puttering around the house, and came back in, helped me to stand up, and sacked the plastic bag over me. It went all the way to my ankles. It was kind of chilly in the room, so the bag felt warm.

He came in with a camera, and told me to struggle to get the bag over my head while he took pictures. It was kind of fun, and I was able to do it, even with that damn connector chain!

This was a new one - a straitjacket! - it was heavy canvas, strapped very tight, and then I was ironed. It had this wide and tight strap between my legs. Aside from the obvious, it also kept my jacket tightly pulled down around my shoulders.

When I told him that it was cold, and that the plastic had felt good and warmed me up, he gave me a plastic raincoat to wear. I changed panties.

He gave me a kiss on the cheek, and then belted my raincoat, and locked me up in handcuffs and leg irons, and told me to lie on the bed.

I tried to find some slack in my leg-irons, but it was no use. I was locked up, and not going anywhere.

I knew from experience that I would be kept there for the afternoon in chains. No movie, no sex, just bondage.

Boy, I sure know how to pick 'em!

Southmore Meeting

We went to this urban art show, and it turned out that it was a friend's business. Before I knew it, my wrists were tied behind my back, and I was left to wander the facility.

It seemed like I was going in circles!

When one of his friends said I that I wasn't tied up enough and could get away, he locked me up in handcuffs, and then tied this nutty rope web around my chest.

I guess that I irritated them, because he asked me to change, then he locked me up in the courtyard. All these creepy guys came by and made fun of me!

I tried to pull away, but my collar was strong enough to hold a horse.

Cars and trucks were driving by all the time. I was behind a gate, but there was a huge gap where people could see me. I guess a handcuffed girl, chained by the neck to a pole is routine for this city! I stayed chained up like that for hours, until it was time to go, and he just gabbed with his friends inside!

Hotel Hostage

On our most recent date, he took me to a hotel and put me in this sexy topless outfit, strapped on a transport belt and then cuffed and ironed me. He had the air-conditioner on full-blast.

Despite my complaints, this was a situation that I was getting used to. Topless, heels and panties, gloves, and all locked up in handcuffs and irons, with my wrists locked behind me, of course.

I knew I was being a little bitchy - but what did he care? He had me right where he wanted me. I was locked up and I knew that in minutes I would be ball-gagged.

(direction) While strapping on the harness gag

Naturally, my wrists were bound behind my back when he strapped on my harness ring-gag. He kept going around and tightening buckles until it was really strapped tightly to my face and head.

I thought that the ring was too small - my mouth could have easily opened wider. I didn't feel very pretty with that leather all strapped around my face. It's easy to guess what a harness-gag like that is for - if only the ring were larger!

It was all so tight I offered to be locked back up in the shackles and ball-gag - but I ended up in a tight hogtie instead.

He told me that he likes it best when I'm tied up really tightly. He made extra-sure by tying and cinching my big toes together.

Being hogtied and ball-gagged sure gets a girl excited. But, being all tied up, there's nothing she can do about it!