Jenni in cruel punishment bondage

Jenni often finds herself locked up, but on this particular day, there seemed to be no end of it. She didn't know that the nondescript building contained cell after cell where young women were held prisoner.

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Jenni begins dressed in a Bebe blouse that most women would consider "slut wear". The bodice had small hooks-from her ribcage up, and had sheer black sleeves. This type of outfit is perfect for a woman who is subject to bondage; the ropes are tied against tight skin and the thin sleeves provide a bit of support and protection when the elbows are tied and cinched.

The same situation is the case when she wears a peasant blouse; wrists and elbows are tied and she wears a perfectly fitted red ball-gag.

Jenni is aware that cotton is allowed to be worn by highly educated and well-placed women in the business and non-profit world. Women who are not of as high repute are required to wear inexpensive polyester, the typical fabric of a servant's uniform. How could it be unusual to see such a woman wearing polyester and handcuffs?

Sometimes women such as Jenni, simply for men's lurid fantasies, are robed in a bridal gown, veiled and ball-gagged. It's all about total possession, particularly when ball-gagged and handcuffed behind her back. They will not inhabit the lady's manor or the master's bedroom. They will simply be a bond-servant for the amusement of the master.

Another restriction that Jenni must endure is that of the wrists tightly tied behind her, and looped around her throat. Even in ancient times, this was no doubt a regular practice, almost instinctual. The captive female prisoner cannot remain sexually unaffected when thus trussed.

Jenni and I hope that you will enjoy this demonstration of erotic female bondage.


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iis3_hooking_outfit: 21:31
is3_tied_and_gagged_in_peasant_blouse: 3:44
is3_nude_and_tied: 10:47
is3_poly_and_plastic: 17:28
is3_captive_bride: 28:38
is3_tied_and_gagged_in_peasant_blouse_1: 8:04
is3_pantyose_required: 3:43

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