Bondage Apartment - house-sitting has never been so confining!

Real Estate tyro Erica was glad to be given the task of keeping a luxury high-rise apartment open for the day for her agent friend Bobby.

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The view was fantastic, but the apartment was empty except for a chair, and a blanket.

Reading a book offered some respite from the monotony, but when she daydreamed, she found that her wrists were manacled behind her back, and that her ankles were locked in leg-irons!

Visitors to the apartment threatened to be witness to her bondage, but she seemed to snap to just as they were about to enter her room.

Finding a wad of rope in the drawer, she dreams that she is hogtied, also, finding a Martin Shrew's fiddle, she finds her wrists and slender throat encased in machined aluminum. As she wanders the empty halls in her restraints, she tries to discern which is reality: her bondage or her freedom!

Erica confides in a friend over the phone her bondage reverie, but is afraid to tell Bobbie. Later, in her handcuffs and irons, she learns that Bobbie, too has experienced the unusual aspects of sitting in the Bondage Apartment!

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