Bondage Appointment - exceptional beauty - exceptional bondage

"Bondage Appointment", starring Courtney, details her trials in bondage experienced in her meeting with a bondage enthusiast.

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Courtney is wearing a very pretty black sequined party dress when she arrives, and she is quickly placed into restraints. She understood what this assignment was all about.

She is tightly tied ar the wrists and elbows and ball-gagged, then she is locked into the heavy machined aluminum Martin Rigid Stock.

She is quickly stripped down to pink bra and panties, and tightly tied. Then, wearing a blue bikini, she is locked up, dripping with chains, being locked up by her collar, her handcuffs, and her leg irons. She is also wrapped tightly in saran wrap, over her sturdy metal handcuffs.

Otherwise topless, she wears a plastic raincoat with her hands locked behind her back, and is tightly tied with rope.

The story is told by over 64 story board graphics as Courtney endures ropes, handcuffs, chains, a very tight Saran Wrap, and the Martin Rigid-Cuff.

Also included is a scene of plastic raincoat handcuff bondage (topless). The topless bondage scenes are a real treat! The video with previews runs 54 minutes.

Courtney is a stunningly beautiful young blonde woman with an outstanding figure who never gives in to her bondage - this program is a must for all serious collectors!