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Locked behind closed doors in a secluded suite in a coastal Texas bed and breakfast, Jessica waits for her lover. As she does, she write letters, and dreams of past and future bondage encounters.

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She struggles shackled in transport restraints in her black lace blouse and slacks. Clad in an elegant black dress, and heels, she looks like she might be ready for a night at the symphony. Instead, she is bound with rope at the wrists and elbows, and soon her ankles are tied and cinched, and she is doubled up into a strict hogtie on the bed.

Later, wearing a lovely sheer silk blouse, she experiences the cold metal embrace of a Martin Shrew's Fiddle. And tight ropes, pulling her arms painfully back, thrust her breasts outward, with little cover from her sheer silk top.

In her stylish bell-bottom hip-hugger jeans, she wears no protection for her gorgeous breasts as she jangles in her shackles and then submits to tight rope bondage.

When her lover comes, he will be in for a treat!

The Bondage Letters and Previews are followed by footage of Raquel in very tight bondage, hogtied, shackled, gagged..

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Video and DVD length: 54 minutes.


Bondage Letters - bondage romance in a South Texas bed and breakfast