This time, for Chesty, it's Bondage Payback!

Bondage Payback - Chesty submits to bondage in apology for her sister's jail sentence

It was all Chesty's fault! A series of bumbled encounters, and miscalculations, and Chesty's sister ends up locked up in the slammer for two weeks! She would have to pay.

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To get back on her sister's good side, Chesty has to pay her back in kind. Well, she can't do two weeks in the county jail, too, but she can submit to an afternoon of stringent bondage at the hands of her sister's boyfriend.

Chesty thinks that she can work her seductive ways on him, and that he will go easier on her.

He has come prepared, however, with handcuffs, ball-gags, rope, even a harness gag, and a determination that Chesty will endure an afternoon of stringent and restrictive bondage.

Chesty is locked in transport restraints, and tethered ball-gagged on the back porch, then wearing sexy lingerie is bound, blindfolded and left to struggle in the sun room. She is required to wear a female prisoner's dress and arraignment chains just to help her identify with her incarcerated sister.

She freshens up her makeup, topless but wearing a plastic poncho with a handcuff on one wrist, and tries to seduce our loyal binder into a back rub. But her reward for this is a tight hogtie.

After being tied tightly wrist and elbow in torso ropes, she protests being strapped tightly into the harness ball-gag, and is left to wander the house in her ropes and irons.

Her afternoon of punishment finally over, but still handcuffed, ironed, topless, and wearing a leather miniskirt, she calls her inmate sister and is overjoyed to find that she is forgiven.

She can't resist one last test of her punisher's resolve - can he resist?

It's hard to convey by a plot synopsis just how sexy this video is. If you think Chesty looks great in photos, wait until you see her in video - the clever smiles, the knowing looks, and her almost constant struggle against her bondage!. You'll want to grab this DVD or video and make sure it's part of your collection for years to come!

Bonus footage includes Nicole tightly tied in nude bondage, and handcuffed and ball-gagged in plastic bondage, including a totally nude and very tight hogtie that you won't want to miss!

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