Kellie Krave is locked up at Bondage Safehouse - is she just a witness, or really a prisoner?

When Kellie arrives at the safehouse, she was hoping for a safe place to stay during her testimony at trail, but when Karen, the lady who had arrived just before her was handcuffed and taken away, she knew that this would be no ordinary stay!

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She is quickly shacked and handcuffed in her micro-mini, black high-heel pumps and frothy sheer blouse and left to wander the lovely home were she is incarcerated.

Soon, she is taken out into the backyard with her handcuffs still locked behind her back and and collared into a chair whose purpose is clearly exclusively to restrain young women!

You can get pretty hot and sweaty struggling in cuffs and irons on a hot July day in Houston, so Ward, her keeper allows her to change into tight blue-jeans and a cute top before he handcuffs her barefoot to have a cool drink.

There, Kellie is presented with her gags. Naturally she refuses to be gagged, especially with the penis strap gag, but Ward decides that she will be muzzled with the leather lower-facial mask gag.

Kellie begins to look around the house and finds Karen. She is hogtied, and gagged! Still in her handcuffs, Kellie bends down to help free her, but there's Ward!

Kellie has earned herself an afternoon in shackles in a barefoot hogtie!

Ward receives a call from the Marshall's office that he should get "that girl" ready to to back to court, so Kellie is released and she changed into her court clothes. The formal business-woman's blouse, a black leather skirt and heels. She is locked in transports, including a leather harness, and the Marshall arrives.

When the Marshall presents his warrant to take her into custody, it isn't for Kellie, it's for Karen!

So, as Ward goes to get Karen, Kellie sits down in her handcuffs with the Marshall. The Marshall makes it clear to her that she will be kept in stringent restraints if he will be escorting her back. Kellie objects strenuously that she does not need to be kept in bondage, because she is only a witness, not a prisoner.

Karen is brought out with her wrists locked behind her back, and Marshall turns Kellie over to Ward, gags Karen and places a leather hood over her head. Kellie is horrified to learn that she will also ride to the courthouse to testify hooded and gagged in chains.

In the bathroom, Kellie undresses and changes into a sexy Bebe top and lycra slacks with platform heels, with a handcuff dangling on one wrist.

Ward allows her to have her wrists handcuffed in front of her and Kellie begins to explore the house. She finds the restraint closet and a gun!

Ward catches her rifling through his papers!

She is immediately bound onto the St. Andrews Cross and whipped!

That means it's just about time for Kellie to be tied up early for bed. She puts on her vintage sheer nylon penoir and is cuffed, elbow tied, and shacked to the wooden frame of the bed.

The next morning, Marshall comes for her, locks her up and takes her away, but when she is about to be put into the back of the Crown Vic and taken to the courthouse, she get's a surprise! It's Karen! - hooded and handcuffed - all the witnesses need to be held in custody until the end of the trial, so Kellie must return to her bondage that night and for many nights to come!

If you enjoy seeing a lovely young woman in constant restraints, lovely outfits, and always striving for elusive freedom, then this is the video for you!

Bondage Safehouse runs an action and bondage-packed 1 hour and 15 minutes. Don't miss it!

sheer blouse, hands locked in handcuffs
bound to a chair, collared and chained
which gag will be used?
chained gagged and hogtied
locked up female prisoners
bound in handcuffs and her transport belt
handcuffed for the afternoon
handcuffed with a gun
strapped to St. Andrews for a whipping bedtime in handcuffs
ready to be taken to the station in handcuffs

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Kellie Krave in Bondage Safehouse