Bondage Weekend Wager

Reviewed by Mr. Ballgag:

There's a good amount of dialogue and interaction between the two.

However, the focus is on Sydney's struggles. It has the girl or couple next door feeling to it, but the tape is of professional quality. The acting is good.

From a customer in the UK:

Bondage Weekend Wager DVD received here in the UK with thanks. It played perfectly on my (multiregion) machine, and the video quality was excellent. Sidney looked like she was having a lot of fun (which, after all, is the idea). I'll be following up with an order for "Sent for Training" in the near future.

Bondage Weekend Wager is a storyline bondage video starring Sydney and Jim. Sydney and Jim have made a bet, and Sydney has lost. Jim's willing to forget it, but when Sydney pesters him into paying the bet, he makes her pay up, big time!

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Sydney is cuffed up in handcuffs and irons as Jim putters about the kitchen. Syndey complains that she can help if she were uncuffed, but Jim is not taken in by such a simple ploy. She will remain in bondage for the weekend!

Sydney is put through her paces topless, with her wrists and elbows bound behind her back, corseted, strapped up in a straitjacket and gagged, and even locked into the evil Martin Rigid-brace. She showers and brushes her teeth nude, and, you guessed it, handcuffed!

There's lots of interaction between Sydney and Jim as Sydney, at first eager to pay off her bet, becomes reluctant as she realized that a full weekend in bondage (and difficult bondage at that!) might not be the cakewalk that she had imagined! The bondage DVD is lighthearted and in good humor, a fun play between a loving young couple.

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