Archives BBS CD-ROM 04 - all the bondage files of Felix Dartmouth from 2/2/1998 - 6/7/1999

Complete Bondage File List for CDROM 04
Table of Bondage Models

Archives BBS is pleased to offer all files (over 2,000) by Felix Dartmouth from 2/2/98 - 6/7/99 on a IBM/MAC readable CD-ROM (ISO-9660).

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With the release of this fourth CD-ROM from Archives BBS, you can have all of the text, image, and video files by Felix Dartmouth produced from 2/2/98 - 6/7/99 in one CD-ROM.

The CD can be browsed with an Internet browser like Netscape or MSIE, or you can use your favorite viewer. Your screen setting should be at 1024 x 768, or even better, 1280 x 1024 for full-screen viewing. No files are installed from the CD onto your hard drive. The packaging of the CD is tasteful, and there are no images on the CD sleeve.