Complete Bondage File List for CD-06

Archives BBS CD-ROM 06 - all the bondage files of Felix Dartmouth from 9/19/2000 - 3/22/2002

Archives BBS CD-ROM 06 includes all of the text, image, and many of the video files by Felix Dartmouth produced from 9/19/2000 - 3/22/2002 + sample files by Mark Marr and P. Anderson.

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New models on this CD include Bobbie, Chelsea, Erica, Janine, Jessica, Princess, Samantha and Tess. There are over 2,000 total original files on the CD. Of course, Dana, Gwen, Diana, and Julia and many others are presented in never before published photographs.

The video files are in .WMV and .RM format - with full 30 frames per second and 720 x 480 pixels. In a modern machine these video files have to be seen to be believed!

There are approximately 20 new text files by Felix Dartmouth including several episodes of Campus Parking Ticket Roundup, An Easy Job, Into Custody and Pi Lambda Kappa.

As an added bonus, ALL of the episodes up to 9/7/2001 of "Damsels in Distress", which are bondage story files illustrated with bondage images are on the CD.

The CD can be browsed with an Internet browser like Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape, or you can use your favorite viewer, such as ACDSEE. No files are installed from the CD onto your hard drive. The packaging of the CD is tasteful and discrete, and there are no images on the CD sleeve.

Compatibility - The file system is Joliet, with long file names - It has been tested on Windows 95 and later, Linux SuSE, and the iMAC. Some MACs may require installation of Joliet support