Archives BBS CD-ROM 08 - all the bondage files of Felix Dartmouth from 2/11/2004 - 7/14/2005

Archives BBS CD-ROM 08 includes all of the text, image, and many of the video files by Felix Dartmouth produced from 2/11/2004 - 7/14/2005.

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New models on this CD include Christina Carter, Allanah Rhodes, Star, Kobe, Elaine, Paris, and Sandi Rose. There are over 3,300 total original files on the CD, totaling over 620 megabytes.

In addition to the high-quality jpg files of the great Archives BBS models, there a high resolution video files and also episodes 30 - 36 of the text series "Campus Parking Ticket Roundup", as well as a Christina Wilson episode and an episode of "Sorority Chain Gang" featuring the great college women if Pi Lambda Kappa..

The CD can be browsed with an Internet browser like Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape, or you can use your favorite viewer, such as ACDSEE or Windows XP. No files are installed from the CD onto your hard drive.

A CD-ROM is a great way to store and browse files that you have have dowloaded from the website, but may not all be in one place. The CD is priced at $20.00 + shipping.

The packaging of the CD is tasteful and discrete, and there are no images on the CD printing. The CD is licensed for individual use only. Must be over 21 or order the CD and any other Archives BBS product.

Erica is ball-gagged
from the DVD Bondage Payback, Chesty is tightly tied in rope, topless wearing a black leather skirt
Star is wearing a vintage bridal gown, is handcuffed and waist-chained, and seatbelted into the back of the car for a bridal bondage assignment.
sexy Christina Carter, tightly bound and gagged
Kobe is topless, and her wrists are tied behind her back
Jessica is wearing a sheer silk blouse, and her wrists and elbows are tied behind her back
busty Haven wears a stunning lingerie set with boots.  She is locked up in transport shackles for her trip to the county jail.
Leather bra, fishnet stockings, opera gloves, tight wrist and elbow bondage
Transport shackles restrain Elaine, how was wearing a classic 80s blouse with sheer sleeves and a pink miniskirt at the time of her arrest
Table of Models PDF File
Paris is topless, and locked in handcuffs, irons, with a connector chain