Kobe Lee, locked in shackles begs for just a few moments of precious freedom between grueling bondage modeling assigments at the 2005 Fetish Con in the bondage DVD - Completely Booked -

Completely Booked - a bondage DVD starring Kobe Lee, Wenona, Kendra James, Paris, Elaine & Chesty

It's really great to be in demand, and each fall, hundreds of beautiful models flock to Tampa, Florida for the Fetish Con, hoping to get in a few modeling gigs as well as have fun and meet people at the mixers.

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For Kobe Lee, however the picture is not so rosy! It seems that her "friend" Wenona has her "Completely Booked" for the entire show!

So, while all the conventioneers are having a great time downstairs, poor Kobe is going from room to room, shackled in her transport restraints, fulfilling her modeling commitments. Kobe loves modeling, but there's a limit!

When Kobe returns to her hotel room, Wenona informs her that she'll be kept locked in her shackles until her next appointment. Then, she wants Kobe to describe in detail her last shooting. Kobe objects, and asks to be freed, but Wenona quickly locks her handcuffs behind her back, and with a sharp crack of the belt, forces Kobe to kneel before her.

Kobe then relates the positions from her previous shooting:

"Well, OK, let me think. My first outfit was no outfit. He let me keep on my panties, and then he tied my elbows behind my back. He put on a set of nipple-clamps. I wasn't really happy about that - you know, I like to put them on myself. He kept pinching my breasts!

Then, he had me wear this dress. It was kind of pretty, but kind of slutty at the same time.

Then he put me in these shackles, you know what I'm talking about. He called them "transport restraints" but whatever you call them, it's being chained up, like a prisoner in jail. He wanted me to tell him about how I had been arrested and been put in jail for real! After I finished the story, out came the ball gag. Big surprise. He pulled it really tight. I could really only moan in misery.

He had me in bra and panties next. Of course, I had to keep on my high heels. I asked about going barefoot, and he was totally dismissive. "Not this time, honey. You keep those heels strapped on."

There was the strange leather harness. He said that it was custom made in Germany. My throat was collared, and then a strap ran down my back to my elbows, which were pulled as tight as they could be together. Then, my wrists were strapped up. It didn't seem so bad at first, but then, he tightened all the straps, and the one between my throat and my elbows was a killer! Being so helpless and the smell of the leather kind of made me hot, but I didn't let on to him.

He wrapped me in plastic packing tape!

Naturally, I was topless underneath. The plastic felt soft and warm at first, but pretty soon, the way I was tied, I started sweating. I felt like some kind of packaged meat!

At one point, he tied me up, blindfolded and gagged me, turned on the video camera and just said struggle for about 10 minutes. 10 minutes! I couldn't hear or see what he was doing. But if I stopped struggling, I would get a whack on the butt! It didn't really hurt, but it was always a surprise, because I didn't know where it would be coming from. That was really exhausting and unnerving!

The most exposed position was the totally nude hogtied, with my knees crossed. It didn't seem so bad at first when I was on my belly, but after he ball-gagged me, he turned me over on my side, and with my knees spread and my ankles tied back, there I was spread for the world to see. My pussy, that is. He wasn't even looking at me - he was messing with his camera. I wonder if he even gets off on this, or if it's just a business?"

Wenona gets it all down, just in time for Kobe's next shooting!

Video Table of Contents:

The DVD/Video runs just over 1 hour. The DVD has a complete menu and navigation system with bookmarks at each scene.

In addition to Kobe's great performance and the fun dialog win Wenona, there are 5 excellent extra scenes with Kendra James, Chesty, Paris, Elaine & Wenona!

"Completely Booked" in in stock and shipping!.

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