Conjugal Visit - no hearts and flowers for convicted prisoner Paris and her double-crossing husband!

In some institutions of incarceration, Conjugal Visits between convicted female prisoners and their husbands are permitted.

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Some private prisons are under funded, and don't have facilities for conjugal visits within the prison walls, so it becomes necessary to transport the female prisoners to third-party locations for these visits.

As usual, when a female prisoner is out of her cell, she must be shackled, handcuffed, and have other such restraints and are deemed necessary to secure her as the property of the State.

As competent a deputy as Elise is, and with all the care that she took in securing Paris's person against escape, even she could not but feel sympathy for Paris's plight.

In this particular institution, additional restraints, and even the holding of the visits themselves are at the option and direction of the husband, not the prisoner.

Karl, having quickly found another squeeze upon the incarceration of his hapless wife, is interested principally in the Swiss account numbers that his wife managed to obtain from a venture that landed her in the slammer.

With Paris handcuffed, and with her wrists tied behind her back and ball-gagged, she receives her husband, and Karl tries to go for a quick blow-job. He is quickly rebuffed by his incarcerated wife. Her body may be the chattel of the state, but her mouth would not be violated willingly!

Karl directs that she be tied and gagged, and then promptly takes her out back, and tethers her up by the neck, leaving her to languish and hopefully fork over the account numbers.

Paris has no interest in talking, so Karl takes her indoors and strings her up in a tight hogtie, and later comes back to do his business. Paris has steely resolve, and she realizes that she, despite her handcuffs and irons has won the encounter - because even though Karl took her body, he didn't get what he came for.

She was used to it now, the handcuffs, the waist-belt and the irons, but she wasn't used to Elise's being kind enough to honor her request to go by the cemetery where her co-defendant was buried.

Wearing the business suit and heels that she wore to court when she heard her 4 year sentence, and locked in a full set of transport shackles, she visits the grave site of her hapless co-defendant.

It's been a great day for Paris - she got out of her cell, thwarted her evil husband, and even got to walk around in the sylvan beauty of a cemetery! All this, despite her bondage and incarceration.

Don't miss this unique story of bondage, double-cross, bizarre settings, cute deputies, D-cup breasts, and oh, did I forget to mention bondage?

Video Table of Contents:

The DVD/Video runs just under 1 hour. The DVD has a complete menu and navigation system with bookmarks at each scene.

In addition to Kobe's great performance and the fun dialog win Wenona, there are 2 excellent extra scenes with Paris & Elaine!

Please note that the fun artwork on the walls is by Kevin Starnes. Art by Kevin can be found at Southmore House in Houston, Tx.


handcuffed and shackled, in transport belt, being taken to her Conjugal Visit
marched in bondage, handcuffed and shackled, in transport belt, being taken to her Conjugal Visit
in bra and skirt, wrists tied behind her back, being ballgagged by her guard Elise, in Conjugal Visit
wrists tied behind her back, elbows bound, ball-gagged and hustled around by Karl in Conjgal Visit
wrists tied behind her back, elbows bound, ball-gagged, tethered by her throat in Conjugal Visit
Karl prefers to negotiate only when her wrists are tied up, and behind her back
trussed up and butt up!
Cast Picture of Conjugal Visit - Karl, Paris and Elise
PDF Script for "Conjugal Visit"
Escorted in her transport shackes by Elise to the gravesite of her friend, in Conjugal Visit
Cast picture for Conjugal Visit - Paris cuffed up with wrists tied behind her back, locked in leg irons, elbows tied behind her back