Dungeon Girls 1 - the show where it's all about beautiful girls in bondage all the time!

Contests seem to be all the rage in television these days. You have people walking on planks at great heights, eating the most disgusting things possible, and trying to survive conditions that would challenge a Navy Seal!

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We at Archives BBS thought that a great show would be a woman in bondage, trying to escape! If she escaped the Archives BBS dungeon studios and made it across town to the Archives BBS offices, she would receive a substantial cash prize!

There will be 3 shows (available on DVD) in this series, and the first stars recent Archives BBS favorite Esperanza. Our dungeon-keeper is the experienced Houston ropester Gerard, known throughout Texas for his skill at Shibari. His task is to resist the charming allure of his prisoners and keep them locked up in the studio.

When Esperanza first arrives, she shrewdly places a cell-phone in a hidden location before Gerard comes out to place her into his restraints. is immediately taken into custody, and locked in handcuffs and leg irons. She is then escorted by the arm through a confusing maze of stairs and hallways.

It doesn't take Gerard long to get pretty Esperanza topless and hogtied in his trademark ropework. Gerard leaves her, confident in the security of his ropework While she is hogtied, she falls asleep and dreams of her escape.

The ropes just magically fall off and she finds only a white lace dress to wear. She quickly puts it on, and makes her way into the hall. This leads to a door. She goes in. As she turns the corner, there is Gerard!

He roughly pushes her against the wall and she feels the bite of the handcuffs as they are ratcheted behind her back! Taking her by the arm, Gerard escorts her down the hall back to the dungeon.

Esperanza makes one last valiant break for it, but she is quickly subdued and returned to the room.

Esperanza is awoken from her dream by Gerard, and she finds herself still securely bound! She mumbles through her ball-gag that she needs to use the bathroom.

Thinking this might be her first real escape opportunity, Esperanza is disappointed to find that she is to go topless, barefoot and locked in a transport belt with handcuffs and leg irons. Also, a ball-gag is strapped on, preventing her from calling out!

To her surprise she is sent out into the hallway alone! After using the bathroom, the exit sign beckons. The door is locked! Topless, cuffed and shackled as she is, she shuffles in her irons back to her dungeon prison.

Out come the ropes. Gerard has to leave, so he trusses up Esperanza with her wrists behind her back, and tied to her waist. Her leg irons stay locked on!

Left alone for hours in bondage in her dungeon studio, she wanders about. She talks to us, her audience, sharing some of the thoughts and feelings about her bondage, and what she will do with the money! She notes in confidence to the many people watching live on the web-cam that this is only the first day, and that Gerard is sure to let his guard down!

Maybe eventually, but Esperanza is locked up in handcuffs, irons, and collared for bed that night.

Esperanza may be a confident as she is beautiful and sexy, but her body is securely chained and locked behind closed doors at the close of our first episode!

Don't miss Esperanza in hopeless incarceration and bondage in the first episode of Dungeon Girls!

DVD Table of Contents MM:SS: (subject to minor revision)

Total runtime of the DVD: approx 80 minutes


Esperanza stars in Dungeon Girls 1 - a bondage romp with a reality show twist
Esperanza cuffed and ironed as she begins her bondage challenge
Esperanza cuffed and ironed as she begins her bondage challenge
Hogtied topless in Japanese bondage
Excellent Ropework, Gerard! - she's tied quite nicely!
The Dungeon Girls 1 dream sequence
Transport restraints for her bathroom break
Wrapped up in plastic packing tape
Wrists tied behind her back, and then to her waist - great hair!
Off to bed in handcuffs and leg irons - oh, lets not forget the ball-gag

PDF Working Script (actual script differed slightly)

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