Dungeon Girls 3 - Beautiful Elaine thinks she can escape her bondage and win the $50,000 prize!

Bondage at its best! We are pleased to announce the release of the third episode of Dungeon Girls, starring Elaine!

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Like all the ambitious young women of Dungeon Girls, Elaine desires the coveted $50,000 prize that can be had and is willing to subject herself to stringent bondage at the chance to win it. But it's not that easy, as she must escape the intractable bondage imposed by Japanese Bondage Master Gerard (who, despite his skill, is kindly at heart) and make her way across the city to the Archives BBS offices to state her claim to the loot!

Elaine has been turned over to Gerard at a remote location, handcuffed, shackled and further hobbled by a transport restraint. She is blindfolded so that she does not see the location where she is to be constrained.

Wearing a black pencil skirt, high heels and a smart white sheer blouse with cap-puffed sleeves, she is hustled in her manacles into the house that will serve as her place of imprisonment.

Gerard tethers her by the throat, but is not in a particular hurry to get started, so she wanders into the kitchen in her restraints while Gerard makes coffee. Constantly testing her limits, Elaine is then locked into the room, still in her shackles and chains. She reveals to the audience through the many hidden cameras that she fully intends to escape. But, she soon realizes that her current predicament is intractable, and she lies down to rest, uncomfortable with her wrists handcuffed behind her back, and impeded by her chains.

Soon after, she is subjected to a topless shibari tie on the bed, and is then collared tightly. She is then left alone in bondage again to ponder her plight.

After, she dons a sheer silk blouse that clearly reveals her breasts and a pair of very tight leather slacks with heels, she is tightly handcuffed behind her bac and allowed to roam in large wooded area behind the house. It's important to note that women in prison are handcuffed behind their backs at all times.

Naturally, she gets herself in trouble, so she is tightly collared by Gerard, and he zip-ties an annoying cowbell to her collar.

With her wrists tightly handcuffed behind her, there is nothing she can do about the humiliating attachment so she wanders the woods in bondage and frustration.

Next on Gerard's agenda is a tight elbows-together hogtie. Elaine moans in her bondage and discomfort as Jake covers her entire body for a nap.

Will Elaine be the first to escape her stringent bondage and claim the $50,000 prize? Purchase Dungeon Girls 3 and find out!

Dungeon Girls 3 runs an action and bondage-packed 1 hour and 8 minutes. Don't miss it!

Handcuffed, leg-ironed and transport-restrained, Elaine enters the dungeon of her personal bondage!
Wrists tied behind her back, and tethered by her throat, Elaine enters the bondage of Dungeon Girls
bondage in dungeon girls 3
bondage in dungeon girls 3
bondage in dungeon girls 3
bondage in dungeon girls 3
bondage in dungeon girls 3
bondage in dungeon girls 3
bondage in dungeon girls 3
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Elaine bound in shibari hemp, enduring her weekend in bondage in Dungeon Girls 3