Fetcon Struggles + Star - Christina Carter, Sandi-Rose and Star in bridal bondage at Southmore House

At the Fetcon in Tampa Florida, there were almost 300 models and some of the major producers in the United States. In between hobnobbing with Photoman, MSP, Rexbon, many others, I had the opportunity to do bondage photo shootings with famous bondage model Christina Carter and talented bondage newcomer Sandi Rose.

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Christina struggles mightily in a black form-fitting bodysuit, and topless wearing a cute skirted garter belt, hose and heels. She drools involuntarily as a result of her tight ball-gags and is never satisfied to relax in her bondage, but writhes in spirited protest to her bondage constantly. If I were going to make a movie about the Queen of England, I would cast Christina - she was born to rule. This makes her strict and confining bondage all the more heart-rending.

Sandi Rose - what a cutie! Pixie-cute face, very petite, and her elbows easily touch behind her back. She withstood extremely tight bondage, tight torso ropes, with crotch-ropes anchoring her wrists to her hips. In one scene, she is topless, with her wrists tied behind her back. She was fitted with a very tight collar and a punishingly tight black ball-gag. Later, she wears a plastic raincoat, and her wrists and elbows are bound touching behind her back. She is blindfolded and taped over her entire face and pulled with ropes into a back bending hogtie. Sandi Rose seemed to invite the strictest of bondage - and she seems to know that you will enjoy it!

The Star photos have been on the www.archw.com member's site for just over a month, but there is substantial video footage from this great shooting at Southmore House. Star's first outfit is a lovely lace early 80's bridal gown. She is fitted with chains, bound very tightly with rope, ball-gagged, then fitted with handcuffs integrated with a chain waist-belt which is locked on her in detailed video sequence. Off comes the gown, and Star is bound wearing only bright pink panties and four inch black patent pumps. A tight rope web with crotch rope, handcuffs and irons, and bondage tape restrain the blonde topless beauty. At one point, she is tied, ironed, collared, and roped up outside alone in the alleyway. This is wonderful bondage footage, with great color, tight bondage great outfits on a lovely blonde bondage "virgin"!

Finally, there is a short segment with Diana in her last bondage shooting in March of 1995 (time flies!). These very short segments (each taking about 15 - 20 sec) were designed for download on the old dial-up BBS system. There are captured with the highest quality possible and are a fun reminder of why Diana is such a popular model still on Archives BBS!

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Fetcon Struggles + Star DVD banner
Up against the wall, Sandi-Rose - the bondage photo session is about to begin!
Goodie two-shoes, yet very naughty, Diana, tightly tied, as she should be, in a startched white cotton dress, wrists and elbows trussed, and tethered by her slender throat to the chair with rope
Up against the wall, Star! - the handcuff on one wrists show what's to come.
This is the DVD menu for Fetcon Struggles + Star
strapped up in leathers, Christina Carter knows that the harness ball-gag is about to be imposed
Here comes the bride, very tightly tied! - Star in a vintage gown, with her wrists and elbows bound behind her back, and tightly to her chest - ball-gag at her throat
leather bra, hot-pants, tightly tied at her wrists and elbows
Christina Carter tightly tied up in bed
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