After a night of partying, the virgin Collette got a bit too amorous with her finace Tom. Being an upright sort, Tom knew that Collette must be restrained in order to keep her from breaking her pledge to herself and to him to be a virgin until her wedding night.

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So, they awake with Collette in cuffs, irons and chains, totally nude (see video preview file), yet her honor remains fully intact under Tom's wise custody. Tom informs her that whenever they are alone together, she must remain in bondage.

Collette has a date with her Mom to go for a wedding dress fitting later that morning. After he helps Collette with her morning routine, she is dressed in a clear plastic baby-doll and heels, and is trussed up in a tight hogtie while Tom reads the paper.

Later that morning, the happy couple looks through a bridal magazine with Collette wearing a sheer silk blouse, a miniskirt and strap-on high heels. Tom, of course has seen to it that her wrists are handcuffed behind her back, and that she is ironed in transport chains. Her Mom knocks insistently at the door as Tom hurriedly releases her from her irons.

Upon her return, Collette kneels topless with her wrists and elbows, as well as her ankles, bound with tough hemp rope. Her lascivious propositions to Tom earn her a tight red ball-gag! She is left to think it over, writhing on the couch in gagged bondage!

Doing the dishes in handcuffs and irons, she tries to unbuckle Tom's belt, but he is Johnny-on-the-spot and quickly has her wrists bound behind her back. She leads him on a chase, but it is hopeless. Soon she is tightly bound with torso ropes and at her knees in bed with Tom.

This is a fun, sexy program you are sure to enjoy! Both Tom and Collette do a wonderful job in their roles..

Video Table of contents for "Fiance Lockup":

Video and DVD length: 54 minutes.

totally nude, handcuffed and ironed, with connecting chain
topless under plastic baby-doll dress, stripperwear heels, tightly hogtied with hemp rope
bra and panties, wrists tied behind her back
handcuffed and leg-ironed, with connecting chain, in bed with Tom
tied up with hemp rope, in bed with Tom, about to be ball-gagged
Secretary in bondage - 1980 Sears clear plastic jelly-jacket, wrists and elbows bound tightly behind her back
hands tied behind her back, ball-gag strapped around her neck
plastic baby-doll dress, wrists tied behind her back
pretty Englishwoman tied up from a 1981 photo
sexy young woman in a Chanel mini-dress, wrists tied behind her back, tape-gagged
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Fiance Lockup - the Collette bound and gagged to prevent premature intercourse