harms behind your back! tying on the French Maid apron
finishing her French Maid uniform handcuffed, shacked, gagged in a French Maid Uniform
time for her punishment hogtied in a French Maid Uniform
hogtied in a French Maid uniform Chesty handcuffed in her French Maid Uniform
Esperanza very tightly tied - natural lighting Chesty penis-gagged, handcuffed in her French Maid Uniform
PDF Transcript of the interview with Esperanza.
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French Maid Bondage, starring Chesty

French Maid Bondage DVD

Chesty thought that it was just another job cleaning, which she engaged in to supplement her income while in college, but this was a job that she would find more "captivating" that others!

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When she arrived, she was informed by her "Mistress" that she was to be uniformed. Having never been required to be uniformed for work, she developed a sassy attitude when she is presented with a sexy French Maid uniform, complete with doily hand band, lace cuffs, hose, and five inch strap-on patent high heels!

When her Mistress goes out to run errands Chesty half heartedly goes about her work, all the while muttering to herself about being forced to wear the sexy French Maid's uniform.

While scrubbing the baseboards, she calls her friend on the phone and sets up her after-work fun - a happy hour where she hopes to meet this guy that she's been after. She complains to her friend about her Mistress being a "royal bitch" and then discovers that her Mistress is right behind her!

On go the handcuffs and the leg irons and a ball-gag as punishment and Chesty tolerates with humiliation abuse due to the high rate that her Mistress pays.

Later, in the kitchen, Chesty spills ice on her Mistress and that's all it takes for her to be trussed up in a tight hogtie!

This fun, lighthearted bondage DVD has generous scenes of Chesty in her French Maid outfit with great high heels, locked up in bondage, and also getting dressed up!

Interview with Esperanza about her incarceration

In the first shooting with Esperanza, when I was explaining the operation of handcuffs in the interest of safety, she quickly said that she had been in handcuffs before. Thinking that she had been jailed maybe for 1 or 2 days, I asked her if she would tell me about it on camera. She readily agreed and related a fantastic story of how she was jailed for almost a year as a juvenile! The bondage she was subjected to make the infamous prison in Iraq and Guantanamo Bay seem like country clubs. This twelve minute interview is simply not to be missed.

Oh, by the way, the interview is conducted with Esperanza locked up in a transport belt, handcuffs and leg irons, "just like the chains in the van on the way to the Prison in Kerrville". Here's the link to the transcript of the interview.

Like I said: Don't miss it!

Esperanza in Bondage

I have never presented a gorgeous hispanic woman in bondage, and I am really pleased that Esperanza is the first one. Beautiful skin, jet-black hair, a great figure with fabulous breasts, and a natural inclination to struggle hard against her bondage makes Esperanza a top-notch bondage model! Oh, and did I mention that she can handle a full-size 2 inch red ball-gag?

We see Esperanza in her street clothes, locked up in transport restraints. Next, she wears a nice red dress and is locked up in a stainless-steel set of wrist cuffs with a lock for extra security.

When Esperanza goes topless, we have to take notice! Wearing a lovely long black leather skirt and high-heel patent pumps, she is tightly handcuffed with her wrists behind her back and gagged and left to wander the studio. She is also fitted with a custom leather harness. Given her propensity to struggle and try to escape, locks are placed on the buckles!

She is given a plastic raincoat to put on over her lovely bare breasts.

Great footage! - look for Esperanza in future DVD programs!

Chesty in French Maid Bondage (costuming rehearsal)

A few weeks before the "French Maid Bondage" story shooting, I did a shoot with Chesty where we tried out a few French Maid Uniforms and some bondage ideas. This footage shows why Chesty is such a popular model on Archives BBS and why this is the 4th video where she plays the central role!

Chesty is locked up, tied up, harnessed up in her uniform, and she is also subjected to the penis gag and is roped by the throat.

She also wears a lace top and a leather skirt and heels and submits to the handcuffs and a leather harness. Great footage, not to be missed!

Table of Contents:

Runtime: Approx 82 minutes.


Chesty stars in French Maid Bondage - DVD by Archives BBS