Packaging of the bondage DVD 'Hexed'
bride's maid gown, wrists and elbows tied behind her back
red dress, hogtied and ball-gagged
prom gown, opera gloves, metal restraint device, ball-gag
bra, handcuffed, collared, and ball-gagged
red dress, handcuffs locked on her wrists and ankles
bra, short skirt, handcuffed and leg ironed
red dress, very tight elbows-together hogtie on the bed
red dress, handcuffed and ball-gagged

Hexed! - after receiving a package in the mail, Rosamunde descends into a dreamland of bondage

Returning from shopping, Rosamunde finds a package on her doorstep. She takes it indoors and opens it.

Inside is a mysterious leopard figure.

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Suddenly, she finds herself under the control of this mysterious entity, as she is restrained in one position after another, including handcuffs, ropes, leather straps, a Martin Rigid-Cuff, and even in plastic bondage and tape!

Our feline poltergeist does not neglect to vary lovely Rosamunde's garb - she wears a red dress, 2 different evening gowns, a bra and short skirt, and is topless with panties. She is caught up in the closet and bound in plastic laundry bags, and is also subjected to a stringent hogtie.

Is this only a reverie, or is this bondage now the prime factor in a new life, now hers forever? Find out by purchasing "Hexed!"

Hexed runs an action-packed 38 minutes.

"Say, I really love Hexed! Its by far one of my all time favorite B&D Tapes." - a customer from the United States.