Hose, Heels & Handcuffs - the "three H's" - classic bondage trio, starring Nicole

The formula is simple: Hose, Heels and Handcuffs.

Oh, and I forgot one thing, a beautiful model, like Nicole.

The program is Nicole in bondage, dressed in these time-honored fetish favorites. The video is fast-paced, with 56 cuts, each lasting an average of 50 seconds.

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During the shooting of this video, Nicole's friend Lars provided assistance with some of the camera work and on-screen tying.

Nicole is topless during most of this program, and also bottomless during a significant part. The program opens with Nicole totally nude, and dressing in hose, garters, heels, and opera gloves. During part of the video she wears a very skimpy top and an ultra-short miniskirt. There is a brief plastic bondage sequence. Nicole is ball-gagged on-camera several times. There are several riveting in-bed ball-gagged hogties which are simply not to be missed!

Nicole can tolerate bondage wonderfully, but there is something in her spirit which prevents her from ever acquiescing, from giving up. She is always struggling, seeking freedom and fighting her bondage. She always protests the ball-gag and strap.

DVD Table of Contents:

Titles - 1:03
Hose, Heels & Handcuffs 46:00
Previews: 13:10

topless, opera gloves, garter, stockings, black patent high heel pumps
short-shorts, wrists bound behind her back
tightly tied with rope in a hogtie, ball-gag, garter/stockings, no panties
garter, stockings, high heels, opera gloves
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