Hotel Bondage Photoshoot - banner
Evening Gown, Martin Shrew's Fiddle
with a ball-gag strapped around her throat, Princess touches up her makeup
pretty in pink nightgown, handcuffed and leg-ironed with transport connector
Shiny Green Evening Gown, wrists tied behind her back, and to her waist
pink lingerie, hogtied and gagged
topless, ball-gagged, Martin Shrew's Fiddle
Plastic Stripperwear - Tess with her wrists and elbows bound behind her back - extra bondage footage
topless, locked in a Martin Shrew's Fiddle

Hotel Bondage Photo Shoot - getting tight in a hotel!

Princess was leery about going to the hotel for her modeling job by herself. The pay that she had been promised was considerable, but the job involved being placed into bondage, and photographed in several different outfits and topless!

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Her challenges including walking handcuffed and gagged in a evening gown down the hotel hallway, self-bondage, a full set of transportation restraints gagged in a sheer negligee and tight wrist, elbow, & shoulder bondage while topless and gagged. In addition, she suffers a tight topless ball-gagged hogtie, and is required to place herself in bondage by strapping on a Ballgag and then locking handcuffs behind her back.

She is asked to put on a plastic raincoat while topless, then strap on her ball-gag and lock on a pair of handcuffs behind her back. She finds her elbows tightly tied behind her for a plastic bondage segment.

She is also locked in the historically significant "Shrew's Fiddle", an exquisitely machined engine of female restraint. In her helpless condition, tightly bound and gagged, struggling to even move on the hotel bed, she wondered, was the just a modeling job, or did the "photographer" have more sinister motives?

You can fully appreciate Princess's plight only by ordering "Hotel Bondage Photo Shoot"!

After the "Hotel Bondage Photo Shoot" video, there is footage of Haven and Tess in tight bondage, handcuffs, and Martin's fabulous and imposing custom aluminum restraints - share in Princess's apprehension as she endures challenging bondage in "Hotel Bondage Photo Shoot". The video, including the scenes of Haven and Tess and the previews, runs 54 minutes.

On 7/30/2014, this video has been "re-exported" using modern compression methods and is available for download.