Let's Go! - for an afternoon of bondage? Well, Let's Go!

What could be more fun than a romantic afternoon bondage romp? Nicole has plans for this afternoon, and has set up a tryst with Clint in a hotel.

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Rather than a quick tussle in the sack, Nicole finds herself tightly bound topless, with her wrists and elbows anchored by a tight crotchrope.

After nagging Clint to get on with it, Nicole is ball-gagged while he watches an interesting television show. Clint gives her a break to change outfits, and cuffs her up in maxiumum security handcuffs and irons.

After these positions, Nicole decides that maybe this is just too much bondage, and asks Clint to go ahead and make love to her. Love is never easy! Clint has forgotten to bring any comdoms!

Will Nicole ever get what she wants, or will Clint continue to tease her? How did Nicole end up in transport restraints in the woods? To find out the answer to these these questions, you'll have to order the DVD or download version of "Let's Go!".

Important: Please note that -

After "Let's Go!", is very erotic bondage footage of the new Archives BBS model Chesty, who has become an instant favorite, and rare footage of Maria, who modeled in 1979 - converted from 8mm color film.

Let's Go Bondage DVD - banner
handcuffed, leg ironed, outdoors
bra/panties, white gloves, handcuffed, in bed
topless, with heels, tightly tied in bed, with crotch-rope
Chesty in bondage - extra bondage footage on Let's Go
handcuffed, leg ironed, outdoors in woods
Maria in evening gown bondage - extra bondage footage on Let's Go
handcuffed and ironed, with connector
handcuffed, leg ironed, outdoors
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