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MSP Bondage DVD 1 Amber lockup 1 MSP Bondage DVD 1  Veronika's One Phone CAll
handcuffed, locked up behind bars
straitjacketed, strapgagged
she pulls out her penis strap gag in disgust
straitjacketed, with exta leather straps
straitjacked and collared
straitjackted, reinforcing leather straps
straitjacketed, ball-gagged
totally nude, about to be handcuffed with maxiumum security cuffs
cked up behind bars
cked up behind bars
cked up behind bars, with leg irons
cked up behind bars
straitjacked, locked in a jail cell
turning on the embedded electro-shock dildo
straitjacket with  embedded electro-shock dildo
straitjacketed  embedded electro-shock dildo
corset, handcuffed
corset, handcuffed
handuffed beauty is hustled to her cell for lockdown
totally nude, strap-gagged and cuffed in maximum security cuffs
totally nude, strap-gagged and cuffed in maximum security cuffs
trying to get her quarter in Veronica's One Phone Call
trying to get her quarter in Veronica's One Phone Call
cuffed up in jail
electro-shock dildo
electro-shock dildo
totally nude, strap-gagged and cuffed in maximum security cuffs
Tiffany topless, nude and in handcuffs and irons behind bars
opless, nude and in handcuffs and irons behind bars
opless, nude and in handcuffs and irons behind bars
Tiffany up against the wall for a strip-search before she is locked away
Tiffany straitjacketed
locked in a dildo equipped straitjacket
Archives BBS is pleased to present the first of 2 DVD/Video programs by the talented photographer MSP. Those of you who have seen MSP's work in his yahoo group and on Archives BBS will want to be sure to obtain this DVD or video as soon as possible.

MSP's private jail houses some of the most beautiful of young women, who, because of their recalcitrance, are kept in the most stringent bondage even during their incarceration behind bars.

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The sight of these errant young ladies in their bondage and prison causes a powerful emotional reaction. To see someone so young and beautiful in such dire straights surely tugs at the heartstrings - yet we must agree that their sentences are surely just and the restraints in which they find themselves are no doubt just appropriate given their status as prisoner.

MSP's jail cam captures 4 jail house scenarios and his firm handling of his young women prisoners:

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Table of Contents:

To elaborate on each of the above:

Veronika's Phone Call: Wearing a short jeans skirt, with no panties, with a tight top, and lace-up high-heels, Veronika is hustled in handcuffs and irons through the jail corridors by a junior warden at the jail. She struggles all the way as she in manhandled to the rotary dial phone in the old jail house. She is handcuffed to a ring bolted on the wall, and is given a quarter and told she only has one chance at a phone call. She fumbles the quarter and the coin rolls out of reach. Her efforts to retrieve it are unsuccessful, and her time runs out. She is handcuffed and jailed as she protest that a holiday weekend is approaching. She is later taken, handcuffed with a blue metal handcuff protection box and put back in her cell. Later, as punishment, she is straitjacketed with an electroshock dildo attached to the crotch-strap. Her jailer is judicious in its use, but her expressions as he uses his shocks to bend her will are unbelievable. In the final scene, she is totally nude, handcuffed, with her cuffs chained to her waist, and she is tightly ball-gagged. Veronika's Phone Call is simply not to be missed!

Amber Lockup: Wearing a short skirt and top, Amber is handcuffed in her jail cell. She is taken out for a hearing, and is returned. Later, she is strapped into a straitjacket. Since she mouths off, a black leather penis strap-gag is imposed. A particularly effective scene is when Amber is allowed to remove her own gag and she pulls out the penis prod and throws the gag on the jail house floor in disgust.

Tiffany, Topless and Jailed: When the officers raided the topless club, they just handcuffed Tiffany and shackled her ankles and brought her in as they found her, wearing only a skimpy miniskirt and stripper platform heels. A luscious young lady with wonderful breasts, she demurs as her skirt rides up, displaying her shaven sex (she failed to don panties before her wrists here handcuffed behind her back). Following custom, she is also straitjacketed after several court hearings. Wonderful! Don't miss it!

Out takes - There are some great scenes that didn't fit the story line - Veronika cracking up saying her lines, Amber skipping in her irons back into her cell for the next take, etc.
For pure sexiness, great handcuff bondage, tight canvas straitjackets, women in prison drama, and lovely young women, you just can't miss this DVD - I have to equate it to the quality of "The Prisoner", one of Archives BBS's most popular DVD/Video programs.


MSP's Bondage World 1 - Beautifu women in heartbreaking bondage incarceration!