MSP's Bondage World 2 - beautiful women restrained behind bars
Amber removing her strap-gag
topless Amber handcuffed in a transport harness
Amber's Escape!
Christina Strapped up in a straitjacket
Christina Carter and Sasha Monet Strapped back to back in straitjackets
She must be handcuffed before being released from her cell
Slyyy in a chastitybelt, maximum security handcuffs and waist chain
Topless Veronika, wrists handcuffed behind her back, and to wall behind her
Veronika handcuffed, ironed, and with connector chain
Locked up behind bars, Veronika plays with herself despite her Chastity Belt
Chastity Belt, locked up in handcuffs with a neck cuff
Wenona, nude tightly tied with ring-gag


MSP's Bondage World 2 - young beauties subjected to incarceration and intense bondage

Archives BBS is pleased to announce the release of MSP's Bondage World 2. The first MSP's Bondage World met with great success and many have asked about the successor.

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MSP is a master at luring the most beautiful women, some professional models, some not, into his private jailhouse, where they are fitted with the most draconian of restraints, including handcuffs, blue-boxes, chastity belts, straitjackets, black leather penis strap-gags, and transport chains.

This DVD packs 6 different models and six different scenes into a stunning display of female bondage and imprisonment that will leave you breathless!


Table of Contents:

Notes about each segment:

Veronika Bikini Nude begins with Veronika locked behind bars, wearing maximum security handcuffs. She is later taken out, manhandled by her jailer and locked with her wrists behind her back, and to a retaining ring in the wall. She ends up totally nude, save for her dancer heels, handcuffed with a waist chain, and leg irons.

Chastity Slyyy has the very cute brunette locked up on the ultimate symbol of male possession: the Chastity Belt. The scene opens with Slyyy behind bars. Her jailer arrives and she poutily puts here wrists behind her back for cuffing through the cell bars. Safely locked in handcuffs, she is then taken out of her prison cell. She returns to the cell locked in her chastity belt, handcuffed and with a transport chain, and with a blue-box for extra security.

Chastity Veronika is a glimpse of the high moral standards that are imposed on all women imprisoned in MSP's Bondage World. As the wanton Veronika seeks to gratify herself, her alert jailer quickly fits her with a chastity belt. Ever defiant, Veronika seeks to work around the belt, requiring additional restraints: handcuffs locked around her wrists and to her throat.

In Amber's Escape, MSP sets up an escape scenario for his "best model". She is chained up, collared by the throat, and is muzzled by a leather penis strap-gag. Her wrists are handcuffed in front, and fed though the ring of a leather transport belt. Several keys are placed within easy reach of this lovely prisoner, and she manages to unlock her chains, and ultimately, unbuckle and slowly remove her penis gag.

As controversial as this may seem, MSP assured me that at no time would he ever take chances with the security of a prisoner, and that at all times was Amber's incarceration secured. In fact, she was required to remain in her cell hooded with handcuffs locked behind her back for a full 24 hours after this experimental dalliance. This, unfortunately was not captured on video.

This is only a brief 2 minutes of Wenona, but this very sexy model, who has appeared at is tightly trussed up at the 2004 Tampa Fetcon. She's nude, with nipple-clamps and a ring-gag. My understanding is that rexbon applied the ropework.

The recipe for this final segment is simple. Take 2 great bondage models, Christina Carter and Sasha Monet, add 2 straitjackets, with leg irons and turn on the camera. We believe that you will agree the results are delectible when you order MSP's Bondage World 2.