No Parking, a bondage DVD starring Allanah Rhodes

locked in handcuffs
handcuffs and leg irons, with transport connector
locked up in chains, about to be ball-gagged in No Parking
pretty black dress, cuffed and ironed, ball-gagged
silk print shirt, tight elbow bondage, ropes over and under her breasts
under arrest, she is searched before she is cuffed up, Karl has his hand on her butt
silk print shirt, tight elbow bondage, ropes over and under her breasts
Video Preview File (WMV)
Erica in ball-gagged plastic bondage

Allanah Rhodes has found herself in an untenable position. She was waiting for a friend, but she was parked in a "No Parking" zone!

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Karl Binder, considerate of his neighbors, and always ready with cuffs and irons, quickly and effectively apprehends Allanah, locking her in handcuffs and irons with a transport connector. She is lead protesting up to his apartment, where he calls the police to come pick her up.

Being a fiery young woman, Allanah defiantly protests her treatment, and when she finds that her entreaties are of no avail and that she is still locked up, she asks Karl if she can change outfits.

After fitting her with a tight red ball-gag, Karl reluctantly complies with her wish and retrieves her clothes from the car. While he is gone, however, Allanah tries to call a friend on the cell phone.

Karl quickly notes her disobedience, and after she changes clothes, Allanah is tightly bound with rope, with her wrists and elbows tied behind her back and her torso wrapped in crushingly tight ropes.

She realizes that she was better off locked in the handcuffs and irons, but her protests are silenced by the ball-gag and one of her ankles is bound to the arm of the couch, and she is left to struggle in her bindings to find even a moment of comfort.

Karl impatiently calls the sheriff's office since they are so far overdue in picking up the prisoner. He is instructed to thoroughly search Allanah and then to return her to her handcuffs and irons, gag her for pickup. He also hears that Allanah will be held for the minimum 72 hours in jail.

Thus, shackled and gagged, Allanah is taken down the stairs to her incarceration.

Additional footage on the DVD is Allanah tied up topless and barefoot in jeans, Kobe in bridal bondage and topless and Erica tied up and shackled topless and in plastic bondage.

This is a very provocative DVD, with a lighthearted story line, a very sexy leading lady, and great extra footage.

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handcuffed an ironed - under arrest