Olivia's Bondage Weekend - punishment takes many forms: confinement, bondage, isolation, suffocation!

Some young ladies are willing to do anything for their men. Olivia is one such. The proposal was vague: she would be picked up after work on Friday afternoon, and taken for the weekend.

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They said it would be tough: They said she would be bound and confined, and that it would be uncomfortable. Well, maybe "uncomfortable" is a little bit of an understatement.

Dragged through the halls in shackles, she arrives to transport chains and a small cement studio, but almost a large cell. She is quickly introduced to the 2" ball gag.

She is required to strip down to panties & heels, leaving her topless. She is subjected to an ultra-strict elbow tie and ball-gagged and left to struggle.

She is taken out in maximum security handcuffs in the rain, but with all due consideration, she is given a plastic raincoat to wear.

She is hogtied and left to struggle. She fears that she will be hogtied all night, so she bargains a somewhat lesser restriction.

She agrees to be collared, with the collar chained to the brick wall, and handcuffs, locked behind her back.

As punishment for her mis-adventures, she is subjected to suffocation bondage. In a back-buttoned plastic raincoat, locked with maximum security handcuffs, she is body-bagged and her throat roped. Marshall knows her limits, and monitors her carefully during the procedure.

Olivia is a naturally gifted, beautiful young woman. She remains high-spirited and challenging, even while heartbreakingly bound. We know, however that Olivia will remain in bondage and that she cannot imagine the severity of restraint that will keep her restricted for days to come.

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Here is the program of "Olivia's Bondage Weekend":

Total content run-time, including titles and previews of other shows is almost 72 minutes.

olivias bondage weekend
olivias bondage weekend
olivias bondage weekend
olivias bondage weekend
olivias bondage weekend
olivias bondage weekend
olivias bondage weekend
olivias bondage weekend

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olivias bondage weekend
Tightly tied and ball-gagged in Olivias Bondage Weekend