checking the key, which is frozen in ice
the key is frozen in ice, and it will take about 6 hours to thaw
in her sheer black bodysuit, Haven prepares her handcuffs and irons
locked up in cuffs and irons, with a ball-gag for an afternoon of self-bondage
white bra/panties, barefoot, handcuffed and ironed, with her throat tethered up to a fixture
evening gown, wrists tied behind her back
black suede evening gown, opera gloves, wrists locked in handcuffs
black bra/panties, opera gloves, handcuffed and ball-gagged to the bed
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locked in leg-irons, with a handcuff locked on one wrist, Haven checks to make sure the door is locked before she locks herself up the whole way
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Haven's Self-Bondage Adventure - Lock-in for an afternoon of peace, quiet, and ball-gagged self-bondage

Haven as been waiting for this for a long time. Constantly hassled by the phone and her business associates, she has longed for a whole afternoon in self-bondage!

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She has already planned her escape. Her handcuff key is frozen in a large block of ice. She thinks that it will take about six hours to thaw.

After hanging the frozen key above a bowl, she takes her handcuffs, irons, connector chain and favorite ball-gag for an afternoon of self-bondage!

The incessant phone continues its ringing! But, locked in her bondage, Haven is free from the constant interruptions.

As she lies on her couch, waiting for release, she dreams.

In her dreams she is tightly hogtied, in a bikini, with even her wrists and toes tied! She is also outside in an outfit she would be caught dead in, but also her wrists are tied! She tries to get out the gate, but seeing a passing car, quickly closes it!

Handcuffed and ironed in a bra and panty set, her throat is snugly noosed up to a fixture on the wall. She has to be careful to keep her balance!

Next, she dreams that she is going out. Looking stunning in her black evening gown and gloves, she dabs on perfume and suddenly finds that she is handcuffed! She goes to the door to await her date in shackles.

Later in black bra and panties, opera gloves, handcuffed and ball-gagged, she is restless in her bed as she feels that she is being watched, but can do nothing about it!

Join Haven in her Self-Bondage Adventure!

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