With Karen looking on, Elise signs her bondage contract
Once she sign this, she will have to put on her handcuffs
In the living room, Elise is handcuffed and leg ironed - what about that ball-gag?
She feels the cuffs and gag for the first time.  She'll be wearing them a lot in the days to come!
Elise checks out her shackles
Topless, in opera gloves, tied to a pole outdoors - lovely!
Gagged, and leather cuffed to St. Andrew's Cross
Answing the door - cuffed, ball-gagged - hope it's not the mailman!
Getting ready for bed - cuffs, irons, and gag
She's required to put on her own ball-gag - she'd better make it tight!
Topless, in heels, opera gloves and ball-gagged - oh, hogtied, too!
Can you please help me?  This hogtie is so tight!
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Topless, high heels, tied to a pole - Elise has been - Sent for Bondage!

Sent for Bondage - does submission to punishment and bondage show devotion? It does for Elise!

Relationships can be difficult, especially for Elise, whose demanding boyfriend requires extraordinary devotion! In addition to loyalty and devotion, he requires that Elise be "Sent for Bondage!"

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It all starts innocuously enough - the handcuffs on the table, the contract that she must sign, consigning her person over to Karen for a day of punishment and bondage.

Since Elise is required to be locked in leg irons when in her apartment for the next month, a session in self-bondage instruction follows. She learns the proper application of the handcuffs, the leg irons and the ball-gag.

An outdoor bondage session is next, and she is tied topless in panties and high heels against a wooden pole.

Elise is tied topless to the St. Andrew's Cross, and given a few stinging swats.

Karen is careful to instruct Elise on the proper attire, and she offers her a chain-mail bikini.Elise places herself in self-bondage, After Elise is properly handcuffed and gagged, she rehearses Elise on coming to the door in her foxy outfit and bondage, to have the maximum erotic effect on her lover!

The day is not all fun and games, however, and soon Elise finds herself topless, in panties and heels, ball-gagged in a tight hogtie. Her nimble fingers manage to get a rope loose, and Karen quickly tightens it, pulling her ankles even close to her wrists than they were before!

Don't miss Elise's day of bondage at the hands of Karen!

Also, there is extra footage of Elise in bondage, including a black leather single-sleeve, very tight torso rope bondage, handcuff and ball-gag outdoor bondage, in a bra a jeans, leather bridal bondage, with a leather penis gag, and topless plastic bondage with transport restraints and high heels.

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