see-through blouse, wrists tied behind her back, ropes above and below her breasts
handcuffed behind her back, drinking through a strap
bra and panties, handcuffed and ball-gagged, bent over for a caning
wrists tied, taken out to the gazebo for bondage
topless, hogtied with handcuffs
walking though the neighborhood in handcuffs and leg-irons
see-through blouse, wrists tied behind her back, ball-gag around her throat

Handcuffed and ironed, dropped off in suburbia - Nikita has been "Sent for Training"

Dropped off in suburbia in handcuffs and leg-irons, blonde beauty Nikita wanders through the neighborhood in search of Princess Mina's house.

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When she finally arrives, she learns that she has been Sent for Training. Mina is friendly, but firm, as she serves coffee and lays out the bondage and punishment that Nikita will endure. Soon Nikita is handcuffed behind her back and suspended from the ceiling by her harness-gag. Later, in a sheer black outfit, she is tightly roped and bound outside in a hot gazebo.

After this, she is caned, and put down for a nap in bra and panties, gagged, handcuffed and ironed. Later, she is handcuffed, and with handcuffs on her ankles, is locked into a hogtie with a short chain.

Don't miss Nikita's training at the hands of Mina!

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