She-spy - Raquel, found in bondage, is kept in bondage.

In "She-Spy", a bondage video by Archives BBS, Raquel finds herself locked in transport restraints and ball-gagged in an industrial warehouse.

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Fortunately, she is picked up by a young man who happens by. He tries to remove her ball-gag but finds it locked!

Escorted in her chains into his apartment, she receives a phone call on her hidden cell phone. The young man, Chuck, receives a stern admonition that she is a dangerous woman and is to be kept in restraints the entire time, but that the keys are tied to her nipple ring.

After tightly binding her with rope, her gag is removed, and she begins her program of seduction and escape. Raquel believes that she must escape in order to complete her mission! Later she gets a knife, but is quickly subdued by a very tight hogtie!

Don't miss "She-Spy", a seductive adventure in bondage!

In addition to "She-Spy", there is also dreamy bondage video footage from the May 9, 2002 shoot with Lori and the July 20, 2002 shoot with Jessica.

Raquel is a feisty and seductive blonde who takes to tight rope bondage very well. At no point in this video is Raquel not securely restrained.

Video Table of contents for "She-Spy" (about 72 minutes):

topless, leg irons, wrists tied behind her back, and to her waist
handcuffed and leg-ironed
topless Roxanne, wrists tied behind her back with crotch-rope
very tight hogtie, ropes pulled into flesh
handcuffed, leg-ironed, and ball-gagged in the storage lot
she-spy - bondage adventure
she-spy - bondage adventure
she-spy - bondage adventure
she-spy - bondage adventure
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