Locked in handcuffs, Princess signs her contract for the Ten Tight Positions
wearing a women's prison uniform, Princess is shacked in cuffs and irons
wearing a harem outfit, wrists handcuffed behind her back
topless, opera gloves, wrists strapped behind her back with a leather strap
plastic stripper outfit, tightly tied up with rope
white shirt and tartan skirt, tightly tied with rope, including a snug crotch-rope
harem outfit, leather shoulder harness and ball-gagged
red bra/panties, wrists tied behind her back, the cane at the ready
This is the actual contract Princess signed for her Ten Tight Positions
Read the Word .doc script for "Ten Tight Positions"
Extra footage of Alix in bondage.
sexy Alix in a latex dress, handcuffed and ball-gagged
Princess, locked in her transport restraints

Ten Tight Positions - a friendly challenge for a favor rendered turns into tight bondage and a caning!

It's always good to have friends, and when Princess accidentally bounces a check at a major Houston department store, her good friend bailed her out of jail.

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While she was awaiting trial, before she could return his bond, he made a proposal to her: "Here's an offer. I'll tie you up in ten positions for two minutes. If you can get an arm free from any of them, I'll forgive the $2,000 you owe me, and I'll pay you $10,000. But, if you can't escape any of the ten positions in the two minute time frame, you have to take 5 strokes of the cane."

Princess, being an adventurous young woman, always up for a challenge, immediately accepts his offer. But is she the escape artist that she thinks she is?

As a result, Princess is locked in official police transportation chains, bound tightly with rope, straitjacketed, hogtied, leather strapped, gagged, and ironed. Her wrists are tied behind her back, and her elbows are bound together. She is required to wear a woman's prison smock while handcuffed, and even wears a harem slave outfit! She faces an enormous bondage challenge!

Will Princess free herself from her restraints, and receive $10,000 or must she endure 5 stinging strokes of the cane? You can see and find out only by ordering "Ten Tight Positions"!

After the "Ten Tight Positions" video, there is bonus footage of one of Archives BBS's best loved models: Alix! During the shooting of Alix on May 1, 1997, a videographer took quite a bit of footage of Alix with a SVHS camera. While clips are a bit choppy, the video is sharp and clear. It's quite an opportunity to see Alix in motion.

"Ten Tight Positions" is about 53 minutes long, including 17 minutes for the Alix segment and 7 minutes of preview.