Jessica in pretty white lace shirt, handcuffed with her wrists behind her back
Jessicas elbows touch behind her back, as Lori is a strict Marshall, keeping her cuffed and ironed at all times
Jessicas wrists are tied behind her back and her elbows are bound touching.  Lori has tied a rope tether around her throat to better control her prisoner.
The Female Prisoner in Bondage
The Female Prisoner in Bondage
Lori claps Jessica in a pair of leg irons as she struggles in her straitjacket on the bed
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pretty prisoner Jessica handcuffed in The Prisoner

The Prisoner - Lori keeps prisoner Jessica in strict bondage on hotel stay over

"The Prisoner" a bondage video by Archives BBS relates a tale of the lovely prisoner Jessica and her stern deputy Lori. Since Jessica's arrest, she had been kept in almost continual restraints and confinement. Lori was to take Jessica halfway to a remote jurisdiction and then check into a hotel, where she would be met by another officer, who would escort her in bondage to the hearing.

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After being taken in chains to the hotel room, Jessica gets in a few verbal jabs at Lori, and winds up kneeling topless with her wrists and elbows tied behind her back and tape-gagged while Lori reads a magazine. She then receives a call that they are to be spending the night, and she changes Jessica's bondage to a handcuff & leg iron hogtie in bed, while she watches television.

Jessica seeks Lori's advice on attire for her hearing, so Lori let her try on several dresses, including a prom gown. After figuring out the best dress, Lori receives another call indicating that Jessica is to be taken to a secure hospital where prisoners sleep in locked metal cribs. She is instructed to straitjacket Jessica and put her in leg irons and wait for the hospital transport services.

Jessica must wait in her tight canvas straitjacket and irons until she is picked up.

In addition to "The Prisoner", there is also video footage from the February 7, 2002 shoot with Erica and the March 7, 2002 shoot with Jessica.

Jessica is an absolutely lovely young woman, and Lori (who is a very pretty brunette) does a fine job as the deputy. This is a very sexy bondage video, with straitjacket, rope, handcuffs, a handcuff hogtie, transport restraints and includes topless, and 4 different outfits.

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User Comment: 7/11/02 - You were right. I did like "The Prisoner"! I expected the pretty girls, well done bondage and high technical quality. I was pleasantly surprised by the acting ability and the humor. Any chance of a sequel?