MissPlaced locked up by Marshall in the hotel for the night - everything just gets tighter!

After a young woman is sentenced by the state, she is sometimes taken to a different jurisdiction for testimony, or due to overcrowding issues. She is often allowed to change into her street-clothes for such enforced transport. Sometimes it's hard for these young beauties, particularly those who are privileged and who have always been blessed with money and freedom, to accept that they are now a prisoner in bondage, and extra strict security has been imposed on them.

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Such is the case, as MissPlaced has been assigned to Marshall for safekeeping and prisoner transport to a hearing across the state, that requires an overnight stay.

Fresh from her sentencing, wearing a highly provocative black "wiggle" dress with lace sleeves and bodice, she is dragged into the room in her transport restraints. We can immediately see that things are not going to go well for her under the care of Marshall. She takes no responsibility for her sentence, and is forced to kneel with her shoulders back, and her chin up in her chains.

She insists on being removed from her handcuffs, but is dismayed by the painfully tight elbow bondage she is placed into.

MissPlaced expresses doubt as to what she should wear for this hearing they are going to. Her sentence has already been imposed, but she might gain or lose time from her next encounter. She thought that the bitch woman judge was jealous of the way she looked in the dress, and slapped her into her chains for that!

Marshall reluctantly agrees to let her try on a sheer blue blouse. She approves of this, and is handcuffed immediately afterward and they look in the mirror to see what kind of impression it might make.

She liked it, and wanted to appear in this blouse, but Marshall thought to himself that she looked practically topless and her breasts were clearly visible when her wrists were locked behind her back, which of course, the always would be. But she deserved all the time she would get. Headstrong young women such as MissPlaced deserved the treatment they got, and besides, she would probably be released early, anyway.

MissPlaced is left in her cuffs and gagged for the night but as she moans in frustration and writhes in her chains, Marshall gets a call that the hearing has been cancelled, and she is now classed as a maximum security prisoner. This requires a completely different and more severe security and restraint conventions that are to be imposed immediately.

Marshall requires the bound and exhausted prisoner to kneel at attention in her ball-gag for the next 2 hours until she is to be locked down for bed.

After the main story of this program, there is a rare treat. Apparently, MissPlaced has a girlfriend that works inside a jail. She explains that both males and females, when they are taken to court, are subject to the same restraint protocol.

Women prisoners are required to be handcuffed at the jail cell, before the bars are opened. They are then escorted to a steel bench and kneel, facing forward, all handcuffed behind their backs, waiting for up to 30 minutes until their shackles can be affixed. Any talking or movement is punishable by lock down.

You'll have to see the video for the whole story, but don't miss how these young ladies are kept in handcuffs and irons for what is all practical purposes the entire day before being returned in chains to their cell.

Finally, in an unrelated story-line, MissPlaced dons a spectacular Jessica McClintock bridal gown. Marshall locks her up, gains full control of her with a rope around her throat as a lead, and roughly manhandles her as she is taken out for her transport. If you like bridal bondage, don't miss this!

Summary: This video is intended to take some elements of the original "Prisoner" with Jessica and Lori. But it has less of a lighthearted tone. MissPlaced never gives in to the ruthless bondage that is imposed on her. She knows as a prisoner she is to be bound, but she always feels that Marshall goes too far.

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Here is the program of "The Prisoner 2":

This show is jam-packed, so there is only one preview; the preview of the original "The Prisoner". Total content run-time is almost 78 minutes.

The Bondage Prisoner - locked in chains and cruelly bound
The Bondage Prisoner - locked in chains and cruelly bound
The Bondage Prisoner - locked in chains and cruelly bound
The Bondage Prisoner - locked in chains and cruelly bound
The Bondage Prisoner - locked in chains and cruelly bound
The Bondage Prisoner - locked in chains and cruelly bound
The Bondage Prisoner - locked in chains and cruelly bound
The Bondage Prisoner - locked in chains and cruelly bound

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The Bondage Prisoner - locked in chains and cruelly bound
Locked into bondage!