Transport Bondage Training - Elaine picks up a few tips on keeping a prisoner restrained!

Elaine had accepted a job to transport a prisoner from Houston to Denver by car. There would be two overnight stops, so her ability to restrain the prisoner would be crucial to the success of the assignment

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Elaine is a top-notch dresser, and she arrives for the orientation meeting in a vintage secretary's blouse, a black pencil skirt and, of course, heels. She is immediately handcuffed behind her back.

Restrained in handcuffs and irons with a connector, Elaine is familiarized with the basic configuration of handcuffed prisoners in transport.

As she reviews the warrant, she is surprised to find that the prisoner that she is assigned is a former high-school sweet-heart who done her wrong.

Elaine suddenly has renewed enthusiasm and begins to discuss face-masks, ball-gags and other way to make sure her prisoner is miserably restrained!

Elaine's next outfit is a prissy party-dress. She is tightly bound behind her back, with her elbows together, and her wrists bound. Her ankles are also tied, a ball-gag is strapped in her mouth and she is blindfolded. She is left alone in inescapable bondage.

Next, she is required to wear a flimsy 50's servant uniform. This was perhaps worn by a young carhop or cute waitress in a diner. It is sheer, has puffy sleeves, and when blown by the wind, whips across her lovely butt and thighs. Her wrists are bound in a classic western "cross" tie behind her back. But she inquires about Chinese bondage and soon she is tied with her wrists high up behind her back as another rope loops and squeezes her arms into her sides. She begs for her handcuffs back and notes "American prisoners don't know how good they have it!"

It's now time for her final punishment restraint and she is presented with a lovely and very sheer gown that seems meant for a young bride on her wedding night. She is quickly fitted with a ball-gag about her throat, and a heavy cowhide transport harness. She claims that she can get her handcuffs below her butt is they are locked in back, and quickly proves that this is the case.

This leads, of course, to her being hooked into the transport belt immediately, with a future note that Elaine, with her wrists handcuffed behind her, is simply not secure.

Ball-gagged, blindfolded and harnessed, she is taken to the wall and her throat is tied to an eye-bolt where she must wait helplessly until she is freed.

Here is the program for "Transport Bondage Training":

Vintage Secretary Blouse: 15 min
Cutsie Party Dress: 14 min
Vintage Carhop Sheer Mini: 18 min
Sheer Wedding Nightgown: 16 min

Total content run-time, including titles and previews of other shows is almost 64 minutes.


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