locked in transport restraints
white bra, handcuffed and ball-gagged
Janine is locked up in handcuffs for the trip to the prison for women
in her black teddy, Janine is hogtied and ballgagged by Mina
Let's lock on these handcuffs
in her handcuffs, Janine is marched through the wire mesh to the Women's Prison


After a break in the woods, Janine is locked back into her transport restraints on her way to the Women's Prison

Transporting Janine - Female prisoner transported to the State Prison for Women

It was a routine assignment for Mina & Clyde - to escort a young woman accused of embezzlement across Texas. Sure, she was haughty enough when they picked her up to object to just about every restraint that she was subjected to. But they knew that handcuffs and leg-irons can secure even the most recalcitrant of young ladies!

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But her powers of persuasion were remarkable, and she could see a weakness in the trusting and gullible Clyde!

Join Janine, Mina, and Clyde for an East Texas adventure. Will the wily Janine convince Clyde to let her free for just long enough to . .

Well, you'll have to see by ordering "Transporting Janine"!

If female arrest, restraint, and prisoner transport is of interest to you, then you would like this bondage video!

After the storyline video, there is footage of Janine and Samantha in tight bondage (including Samantha wearing tight leather slacks in bondage)- don't miss this sexy and very exciting storyline video and the subsequent bondage scenes.

A nice comment from a customer about "Transporting Janine": Felix, I really liked this tape but the scenes at the end were the BEST EVER - those girls Janice and Samantha were so sweet and cute in their street clothes, handcuffs and irons! A whole hour of them would be about right!! Keep up the great work! I am looking forward to many more great tapes and CDs. Jim