Witness Protection - Kobe Lee in Bondage

Sometime, in the court system, a witness does not prove as co-operative as justice requires. It may not be appropriate to house these recalcitrant's in the jail, so there are certain houses where they can be kept to assure that they will be safe, and available to testify.

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Kobe Lee finds herself in just such a situation! Fortunately, Karl Binder operates just such a witness protection house, where Kobe can find a safe (and secure) location until the trail in which she must testify can begin.

Kobe is transported to the house wearing a vintage 80's blouse, a nice skirt and heels. Melissa has carefully bound her shibari-style for her comfort, but the jute ropes have been pulled carefully tight above and below her breasts and around her arms behind her back. Melissa makes it clear to Karl that Kobe has been nothing but trouble, and will be required to be kept in secure and punishing restraints. Importantly, she emphatically tells Karl that he is authorized to use corporal punishment.

Kobe is immediately locked behind bars at this safe house, still in bondage.

Later that day, Kobe gets a bathroom break. She is totally nude, handcuffed and leg-ironed with a transport connector. Seeing the lovely bathroom and shower, Kobe convinces Karl to allow her to take a shower, since she felt dirty from being handcuffed and locked up at the jail.

Reluctantly, Karl agrees, but he stipulates that she must remain in her shackles. Karl has learned that female prisoners, particularly attractive ones like Kobe must be chained at all times, because they would be immediately picked up an whisked away by any motorist should they make it to the public street.

As Kobe enters her shower, Karl receives a phone call, and Kobe immediately finds the door to the backyard unlocked! Barefoot, nude, and locked in her cuffs, irons, and transports, she ventures into the lovely yard. She finds that the gate is locked however, and she seeks another exit.

But, Johnny-on-the-spot, Karl is there, and takes her by the arm. Kobe twists away, and falls into the pool, still in her shackles!

Karl of course is duty-bound to not allow this type of behavior to go unpunished. Kobe is immediately escorted into the dungeon, where she is given the reward for her truculence; a sound paddling! But before this happens, she tries to tempt Karl into sleeping with her!

Karl is far too experienced to fall for this, however. "Witness Protection" involves protecting the witness's safety, but also protecting the witness from her own desires.

As the time passes, Kobe is tied to a bedpost, wrists behind her back, and still nude. She returns to the topic of sleeping with karl in order to receive easier treatment, and Karl toys with her, before locking her up in her cell, handcuffed for the night.

The next day, Karl allows her to dress, and naturally to her nature, Kobe chooses a very sexy latex mini-dress, opera gloves, and high heels. She is handcuffed, with her wrists in front, leg-irons and a connector. Karl allows her out of her cell to watch TV with him, but she can't leave well enough alone. She pulls some "stripper" moves on Karl, getting in the view of the TV, and placing her lovely latex-covered butt in his face. That was enough for Karl!

Kobe spends the rest of the day in a strict shibari hogtie, complete with ball-gag!

Melissa is pleased when she returns and finds Kobe cuffed up and ready to go! As usual Karl has done an excellent job. The witness, her virtue, Karl's reputation, and the trial will all go on unimpeded. In fact, Kobe has dressed in kind of a slutty outfit for court, making it possible that she will not be released after the trail but further held as a witness in bondage!

Witness Protection includes 2 excellent additional bondage video sequences:

Lindsay is tightly tied topless, in panties, garter and stockings, tightly bound with her wrists tied behind her back, her elbows tied, and with a crotch-rope. Using the crotch-rope as an anchor, she is actually able to get her wrists free! Her elbow ropes hold, however so she remains in bondage. She also suffers the black strap-gag, with a deep mouth-prod as her wrists are secured by maximum-security handcuffs. There is also a brief sequence of Lindsay topless, wearing a leather skirt and heels, locked in handcuffs, ball-gagged with a full-size 2 inch gag, and bagged in plastic for a plastic bondage episode.

Statuesque Sasha Sparks also endures tightly fastened transports shackles while wearing a pretty dress, as if for a court appearance. She is also tightly tied in a French Maid outfit, and also wearing leather gloves, heels and a black leather skirt.

Video Table of Contents:

The DVD runs about 57 minutes.


Cast Picture for Witness Protection, starring Kobe Less, Karl Binder and Melissa
Kobe at the keyboard in bondage in Witness Protection
Kobe locked up and tied up in jail in Witness Protection
Whoops!  Kobe fell into the pools in her cuffs and irons
Latex outfit, opera gloves and of course cuffs and irons - passing the time.
A shackled Kobe pensively looks out the window to freedom in Witness Protection
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Kobe in a latex dress and opera gloves, handcuffed and shackled in Witness Protection