with Mina in Writers Cramp
wrists strapped behind her back with plasti-cuffs
with her wrists tied behind her back, she is helped into the back seat of the car, and seat-belted in Writers Cramp
Mina cleans up the kitchen, Chesty, tethered by the throat, has her wrists bound behind her back
tied up outside
pretty pink lingerie, tight chocker collar, wrists bound behind her back
ball-gagged, writing with one handcuff on her wrist
about to get a swat from Mina
PDF script for Writer's Cramp
tightly hogtied in lingerie for the afternoon in Writers Cramp
Video Preview Files (WMV)
Writer's Cramp, a bondage DVD by Archives BBS starring Chesty
handcuffed, and about to get a hard swat for mouthing off to Mina

Budding young writer, Chesty, confided to Mistress Mina her dilemma. She was writing a story about a reporter who sneaks into the offices of the Mob, and the is caught, and tightly bound.

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But, having never experienced anything like that before, she can't envision it, So she asks her new friend for help. Mina agrees, but only on the condition that once Chesty is bound, then she is Mina's for the rest of the weekend.

Things seem to go south quickly for Chesty when Mina plasticuffs her wrists behind her back and makes her ride seatbelted in the back seat, like a prisoner in transport. Next, Chesty has to strip and change outfits before being handcuffed and gagged, then lead out to the porch where she is bound to a pole and clothespins are clipped all over her.

It isn't long before she earns a few firm swats and a hogtie in lingerie. She kneels in topless bondage while Mina reads. Later, ballgagged, and with a handcuff locked only on her right wrist, Chesy is locked down to write.

Will Mina's stern regimen spur on Chesty's creative efforts? Find out by ordering "Writer's Cramp"!

The program includes bonus footage very early video footage of Diana, a favorite Archives BBS model, in lingerie bondage from January, 1995. Diana has a large following among Archives BBS members not only for her beauty but her ability to create drama and excitement!

In addition, there are 10 minutes from the April, 2003 shoot with Nicole, in very tight nude bondage and other outfits.

Table of Contents:

Writer's Cramp - writing a Bondage Story requires "hands on", or "hands tied" experience!