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ISO on Archives BBS

Archives BBS is pleased to announce that it is providing its video programs in the ISO format. The ISO format is a download image file of a DVD that can be burned directly onto a standard single-sided 4.7 Gig DVD. The file extension is ".ISO".

It is exactly like an Archives BBS DVD - in fact, it is and exact image of the DVD, written onto your own media.

It is superior in quality to either the WMV or the MP4 formats that we publish in. But there's a catch - you have to burn it onto your own medi, and the file is usually 4 Gigs in size. If you have never done this before, it may not be for you.

How do you burn and ISO file onto a DVD? When you click on the file in Windows 7, it recognizes the type of file and offers you the opportunity to burn it onto a DVD. There a numerous programs, some free, and some that have a small charge that will burn an ISO file onto a DVD.

I just burned Dungeon Girls 4 to a DVD - I downloaded the ISO file via the web - found it on my hard drive, clicked on it, and Windows 7 offered to burn to a DVD - inserted the blank DVD, checked "Verify" and 25 minutes later, Presto! Dungeon Girls 4! Worked like a charm.

The distinction between the online formats, WMV and MP4, and the ISO format is that the WMV and the MP4 formats are meant to be downloaded to your hard drive and watched on your PC. The ISO format is to be downloaded, and you then burned it onto a DVD and watch it on your television (presumably on a good HD screen), with your DVD or Blue-Ray player. Of course, as you may know, you can play a DVD on most PCs also.

I have had numerous requests for this format and I hope it will fill a need. It's not for the technically challenged, and you must have a fast, robust internet connection. The files are usually in excess of 4 Gig - for instance, I downloaded one in testing and, averaging 900Kbps, and it took just over an hour.

If you don't have Windows 7, you can get an image burner from - - that one's good but there are many others.

If you have questions please post on the Yahoo group so we'll all receive benefit of the answer.

MP4 (H.264) on Archives BBS

Archives BBS is pleased to announce that it is adopting the H.264 (the file extension is .MP4) compression technique for clips and programs.

There are several reasons for this:

The current titles that are available in this format can be found on the Bondage Products page. Simply look for the "Add to Cart" button in the proper column.

I have researched quite a bit and found that MP4 seems to be the wave of the future and is available here today.

I'd like to show a comparative example:

To my eyes, the MP4 is far more satisfactory - sharper, not as "washed out" with better movement.

There are numerous free viewers for MP4 or H.264 content. I know that the Windows Media Player is included in all XP and Vista machines, and is serves admirably, but here are my suggestions for MP4 viewers.

My main requirement for going to an new format is that is be much better, easy, and free, and MP4 fulfills all these requirements. We will continue to produce video programs in WMV format, but we wil be adding the MP4 format to current programs.

Here is a list of programs that are available in the MP4 format. If you have already purchased the WMV format of a program, and would like the MP4 format send me an email with the approximate date of your purchase and will send you a free link to the alternate format:

Questions and comments are welcome, and I truly appreciate your interest!